Is Cluj-Napoca the cleanest city in Europe?

The Happy Hermit

And another record for Romania! The city with the cleanest air in Europe is Cluj-Napoca.

That’s at least what the French “Association Nationale pour la Préservation et l’Amélioration de la Qualité de l’Air” proclaimed. But they only examined the air quality of the 100 largest cities in Europe, which means that there may be countless smaller cities with even cleaner air, of course.

clean air infographicWhen I was in Cluj last December, it certainly didn’t look like clean air. I could hardly see to the top of churches as I stood in front of them, let alone overlook the city from the hill across the river that I had climbed to get an overview.

DL Cluj fog 1DL Cluj fog 2DL Cluj fog 3DL Cluj fog 4

To be fair, we were just unlucky on that dreary winter day, and Cluj is a rather beautiful city most of the time.

I am always rather skeptical about bold claims like this and try to take a deeper look at the methodology behind the statistics. In…

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