Heroes’ Cross – Bucegi Mountains

Experience Romania

The Bucegi Mountains are part of the southern Carpathians in Romania. They are where you can find the Old Ladies and the Sphinx. And they are also home of a Guinness World Record: the tallest summit cross at such a high altitude. And that altitude? 2,291 meters or 7,516 feet! The size of the cross? 39.5 meters or 129feet 7inches, including the base. And the cross? Well, it’s the Heroes’ or Caraiman Cross on the Caraiman Peak. Visible day and night – when it’s all lit up,  it has been standing guard over the Prahova valley for almost 100 years.

This massive structure was build between 1926 and 1928 to commemorate the Fallen Romanian Heroes of World War I. At the initiative of Queen Marie and King Ferdinand, wood, metal, and concrete building materials were carried to great heights either by oxen-drawn carts or by cable car, and this record…

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